It’s spirit week, and after homecoming this weekend, I should be able to actually get on.

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And you didn’t share? 


Why would I share the best cupcake I’ve ever had in my life? Some things you just don’t share, and that is one of them.

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I just ate the best cupcake I’ve ever had in my life.


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One thing I can tell you is you got to be free

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O-Oh..  Right, everyone knew of each other. I can’t decide if I like those places or if i hate them. They have their pros and their cons. A-Acually KPOP groups are a lot bigger than you would think. It shouldn’t matter if you haven’t heard of them or not.. They are humans and you should care for your fellow humans..


I lived there for my entire life, so I like it. If you had kids people knew of you, just because there aren’t that many schools, but there was still some anonymity. I never said I wouldn’t care, I just said most people wouldn’t care.They can be more popular than I thought originally, but they’re still very niche. Sure they would feel bad they’d been in accident or something, but a group in the eastern hemisphere and so culturally different from us doesn’t really have much effect on them.

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There better be scotch on coach.


Scotch isn’t the drink I would’ve expected.

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I’m just excited about all the extra snacks I get to buy now.


The food will definitely be a big bonus.

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I probably will too, i-it’ll all get too much after a while, y’know? But it’ll be a good experience being in someone else’s shoes. 


I just don’t want my head to become too big from getting used to living that way.

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I-I totally get what you mean. You mean like t-tragic right? Twenty thousand doesn’t seem that big of a number when you think about it people wise. What was in Omaha? Y-Yeah.. I don’t think anyone heard about that KPOP group getting into an accident. Th-That is a much bigger deal than Beyonce’s birthday.. 


No, I didn’t mean tragic… I just meant not exciting. It really isn’t. Everybody knew everybody. I mean, of course we didn’t actually know everybody, but you knew your neighbors, and your teachers all taught your parents and siblings. KPOP bands aren’t really that big in America. It’s niche. Most people would have never heard of them, so they wouldn’t care.

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You done telling me lies about my own life? And assumptions? I could easily tell how I was raised and make you feel so bad for everything you’re saying right now.


I wouldn’t feel bad. However you were raised, you ended up becoming a self-entitled bitch, so it doesn’t really matter. If you had grown up poor, you wouldn’t be throwing such a tantrum over not having all your riches around you for awhile. And if you did grow up poor, then you must have forgotten what it was like, and no sense of sympathy. Most people who grow up poor and end up rich are always willing to give back because they understand what it was like, and they certainly aren’t uncomfortable with being without for a few months, when they went without for years. Grow up, and once again, get over yourself.

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